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Zip Refund is the most convenient and fastest way to receive your tax refund. When tax season comes and you know you deserve a refund, do you want it sooner than later?

Do you want to know the amount of your refund and to ensure that you get what you deserve without any adjustments?

You work hard enough to make the money, getting your yearly refund early should be easy. Why sit in a tax office or in a line just to have to sit in front of a preparer. Use that time to spend with your kids or relax from the long work week.

We have the answer to what you want and it is a Zip Refund. Zip Refund is tax returns done right and refunds provided fast.

Do you need a new car? Are you living paycheck to paycheck and need some breathing room? Do you need to pay off your Christmas bills or get the bill collectors off your back?

In this economy, budgets are tight and no matter what you need your tax refund for we want to help.

Zip Refund is:

Zero Hassles

  • Send us your paperwork on your time not ours.
  • Let us Come to your place of business or home.
  • Come to an available location on your time.

I   Instant-receive information about how much you will be receiving with no out of pocket cost. Receive your refund fast not in 4-6 weeks through the IRS and regular mail.

P   Professional- Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Your returns and personal information will be handled by approved personnel only and compliance with all state and federal laws are adhered to at all times.

We are licensed in all 50 states. California CTEC number is available upon request. Copyright © 2009- ZipRefund™